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Theses and research internships


Open topics:

  • Research Internship / Bachelor Thesis – Extension of a Simulation Model for the Investigation of a Smallest Pumped Storage Power Plant

In progress:

  • Research Internship – Preliminary Investigations HIL Turbine Test Bench
  • Research Internship – Automated Data Acquisition at the SmartNOx Sensor
  • Master Thesis – HIL Simulator of a Water Turbine Test Bench


Open topics:

  • external master thesis – automated analysis of combustion images (Continental Automotive GmbH – Regensburg)

In progress:

  • Master thesis – HIL simulator of a PAT test bench

Completed topics:

  • Master Thesis – Endurance Test WIL – Turbine


Open topics:

  • Master thesis – Extension of a simulation model for the investigation of a micro-pump storage power plant
  • Research Internship Pressure Measurement at the Internship Experimental Engine

Completed topics:

  • Research Internship / Bachelor Thesis – Commissioning of a NOx – Sensor
  • Research Internship Literature Research Thermal Smarthome
  • Master Thesis – Analysis and Optimization of an Industrial Energy Supply Network
  • Bachelor Thesis – Plausibilisation and Extension of a Simulink Model for the Simulation of Heat Transfer in Office Space
  • Master Thesis – Feasibility Analysis of a Micro Pumped Storage System for the Optimization of the Self-Electricity Coverage of Agricultural Enterprises with PV-Electricity


Completed topics:

  • Research Internship – Thermal Smart Home
  • Preliminary estimation of the savings potential through intelligent control of heat flows in single-family homes.
  • Research Internship – Networked Measurement System based on Arduino
  • A networked measuring system based on the microcontroller “Arduino” is to be set up to record the heat transfers in the office building.
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