Campus-wide offer of project works

Corresponding project work can be and is offered by all other professorships/chairs that are active in the respective study program Technology of Biogenic Resources (TBR) or Chemical Biotechnology (CBT).

How do I participate in the project works?

Modulbeschreibung - CS0095 - PA - Projektarbeit
Module description – CS0095 – PA – Projektarbeit

Modulbeschreibung - CS0135 - DP - Design Project
Module description – CS0135 – DP – Design Project

Modulbeschreibung - WZ1942 - AP - Anlagenprojektierung
Module description – WZ1942 – AP – Anlagenprojektierung
  • For registration and processing: Please contact the named supervisor.
    We will then register you as a group for the corresponding project work in TUMonline. A registration on your part in TUMonline for participation in the module is therefore not possible.
  • Group work: The listed modules are group works of 2 – 6 students.
  • Organization of the groups: is done independently by the students.
  • Duration of work: 4 – 6 months in total.
  • Start: Work on a topic can be started at any time and is not bound to lecture times, etc. Project work will be graded for the semester in which the work was begun.
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